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& Alumni

Working Actors

Our unique training approach has always been focused on ensuring Fourth Monkey students leave with the skills to forge sustainable careers in the performing arts industry and to create bold original work alongside the more traditional routes of the actor.

Fourth Monkey strives to create actors and performers who are trained, employable and industry ready.

Most students graduate with a reputable agent or significant industry interest to ensure immediate onward professional opportunities, work and representation.

Our alumni work across the creative industry and a number are employed by the professional practitioners that deliver some part of their training. Overall, the average Fourth Monkey graduate employment rate is 84%.

Take a look at our what’s on page for our latest performances, to watch our graduating students in action.

Industry Enquiries

If you're an agent, casting director or industry associate interested in Fourth Monkey’s graduating students and would like to arrange attending a production or find out more information, please get in touch with our Industry Liaison.

Please note that, while we are eager for our graduating students to gain representation and employment, part of our duty of care to all students is to support them to complete their training and education.

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