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We offer practical support, raise aspiration and present viable routes for those wishing to access our courses, who may not have the opportunity to experience professional training or to consider the creative performance industry as a career choice; especially those from unconventional or non-academic backgrounds who are looking to access Higher Education and Professional Actor Training.

Our participation work accounts for a key area of our larger mission to improve access to the arts and education for those who would not normally be able to do so without support and opportunity.

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OUR VISION is to create societal and cultural change through performance and training excellence. It speaks to our values, the things that we think are important.

OUR MISSION is to revolutionise the arts through innovative actor training, performance excellence and collaboration.

As a charity organisation, all of our student fees go toward our access and participation offers and the training we provide, keeping it ethical in its delivery.

Proudly partnered with:


Our partners benefit from priority workshop booking and exclusive progression pathway opportunities for their students. 


By working closely with our partner colleges, we hope to de-mystify drama school and bridge the gap between FE and HE through viable opportunity, connection and support to increase diversity from underrepresented groups.

Feedback from our participation workshop
Feedback from our participation workshop

Our participation work is delivered by a trained team of emerging artistic leaders, all graduates of Fourth Monkey's accredited undergraduate or postgraduate courses and / or previous participants in our access and participation work over the years - enabling a genuine full-circle from participation through training and education onto professional delivery.

Each one of the free, 2-3 hour sessions is designed to support current and future learning; mirroring the ethos and the four training pillars of our accredited higher education courses.

Monkey Monologues (for up to 20 participants) 
Founded on the basis of our acclaimed Monkey Moves workshop, Monkey Monologues takes students one step further and helps participants bring new life to their audition monologues - working with breath, embodiment and truth.

Monkey Tapes (for up to 10 participants) 

Help to actively prepare young people for drama school auditions with our specialised self tape workshop. Participants will hone their screen technique to deliver exciting and engaging performances.

Monkey Moves (for up to 30 participants)

Inspired by the work of Complicité, John Wright and Lecoq, participants will be led to work through the body encouraging freedom and impulsivity in their performance and build confidence and trust in themselves and each other.

Monkey Clown (for up to 20 participants) 

Clown gives students the opportunity to let go and play, get comfortable with making mistakes and be fully present in the moment. Clown also offers a chance for students to support each other and understand what it means to celebrate the ensemble.

In all workshops, participants can expect to...

  • Leave with a greater understanding of drama school and training at a Higher Education level

  • Receive practical tools that can be applied to current learning and future challenges

  • Learn techniques and tips for auditioning for drama school

  • Have their questions and queries answered in a Q&A format

"Facilitation was highly appropriate for our UAL full time acting students. It was skills developmental and challenging - it gave the students a fab insight into training at a higher level."

- Nige Paul, UAL Extended Diploma Acting Program Manager, Exeter College



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We want to ensure that our workshops serve your students' needs, let us know if there are any bespoke elements you'd like to see...

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Our Participate programme is made possible by the generous support of

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