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Postgraduate Interview & Workshop Information

Exploring your Creative Practice


Interviews and workshops for our MA Collaborative Theatre are supportive and personable whilst rigorously exploring your artistic practice.


This is your chance to experience the school and training philosophy; ensuring Fourth Monkey is the best creative learning environment, offering the most suitable approach to developing your professional and artistic practice.


Early application is advised as offers are made continually and places are limited.


Offers to study with Fourth Monkey are made purely on merit, based on assessment at audition and interview. Previous formal academic qualifications are not essential but, as the course is within the NQF HE framework, it is hoped that you’ve achieved (or you’re currently studying) a Level 3 Qualification or Higher.


How to Apply


All applications to postgraduate courses can only be made by direct application, using our online application form, providing the following details:

  • Personal Information incl. Photo

  • Personal Statement

  • Contact Information

  • Education History

  • Equality & Diversity Information


You’ll also need to provide the following pieces of information and evidence when submitting your application:

  • PORTFOLIO SUBMISSION (3-7 MINUTES), showcasing your creative process, professional experience and/or artistic practice. eg. excerpt of a performance, rehearsal, workshop or class in which you are a leader or active participant.


  • SUPPORTING INFORMATION in regard to professional experience and artistic practice (such as trailers, programmes, scripts, design portfolio, evidence of theatre direction, acting etc.)


We’ll send you an email to confirm receipt of your application and the interview date.

Postgraduate Interviews


At the initial online interview, you’ll discuss your portfolio submission and the inspiration behind it. We’ll discuss your application and answer any questions about the training and school.


Postgraduate Workshops

If you are considered a suitable candidate at interview, you’ll be invited to one of our postgraduate workshops. With fellow applicants, you will experience an intensive devising workshop designed to explore your creativity and collaborative process.

There will be a tour of the venue and lots of opportunity to ask questions with our Students and Alumni about the school, course, approach to training and the Fourth Monkey student experience.


Audition Assessment Criteria


Fourth Monkey applicants are assessed on individual merit during interview and workshop, focusing on their potential as a creative.


Interview Assessment

  • Evidence of a commitment to acting, theatre or creative performance

  • Understanding of the opportunities and demands of the professional training offered at Fourth Monkey

  • Understanding of acting, theatre or creative performance in its wider context i.e. awareness of critical issues relevant


Workshop Assessment

  • Truth & Focus

  • Expression of thought and feeling through acting, movement and voice

  • Openness to others’ imagination and creativity

  • Communication, generosity and collaborative skills

  • Creativity, boldness and playfulness

  • Potential for development of technical capabilities, performance skills and artistic portfolio


During the Fourth Monkey interview and workshop process, professional practices are expected to be upheld, such as; attendance, promptness, etiquette and appropriate clothing.



Academic Requirements


You must hold a BA (Hons) degree or equivalent academic qualifications. 

Alternatively, other qualifications alongside professional experience will be taken into consideration.

To accept an offer, you must register and satisfactorily adhere to the Admissions Policy of our Awarding Partner, Falmouth University, prior to the completion of enrolment for the course.

If you have any questions regarding the Academic Requirements for the course, please get in touch.

Our Admissions Team

We answer all admissions queries within 48 hours. We ensure that everyone feels supported, receives clear information and has a complete understanding of any requirements throughout their Application, Audition and Enrolment with Fourth Monkey. Email or call with any queries.

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