Our Teaching Plan

Fourth Monkey – Our Teaching Plan for September 2020 Academic Year

On 16th March, in order to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of our students, staff, practitioners, associates and visitors in regard to the then new Covid-19 virus, Fourth Monkey made the difficult but necessary decision to close the doors to the Monkey House, our London training base, in advance of government advice at the time.

At this time, the team at Fourth Monkey worked extremely hard to provide our students with an online provision to maintain their skills via the digital technology available to us, whilst we all began to understand this global situation and its ramifications. The team at Fourth Monkey then immediately began to anticipate, innovate, collaborate and interrogate how we could ensure that we continued to offer the highest standard of teaching and training possible, whilst focusing on a return to face to face learning in September.

“The decision for us to temporarily close the doors of the Monkey House was quite a straightforward one. The question we set about answering during this time was; how do we innovatively and successfully engage with a digital learning environment during this period to benefit and safeguard our students, their development, our future students and the future of our students, whilst we plan for a return to face-to-face teaching. We have learnt a great deal during this time, having innovated, experimented, collaborated, imagined and reimagined how we continue to forge forward effectively and creatively with integrity. We continue to be overwhelmingly excited by the prospect of a return to face-to-face teaching in September and are genuinely excited by some of the innovations within the digital learning environment that will enhance our students learning and uphold the ethos and philosophy of Fourth Monkey, Covid or no Covid. We have taken the time to listen to everyone who makes up the Monkey community and have utilised this knowledge to further empower the training and enrich the student experience for the benefit of all those who work and train with us and we are proud and positive about the outcome.”

Charleen Qwaye – Director of Training 

Fourth Monkey’s innovative actor training places emphasis on the ensemble, the quality of our collaborative teaching programme, entrepreneurial spirit and creative delivery, and the current situation has only served to reaffirm and strengthened this. Fourth Monkey have worked extensively to ensure that when the new academic year begins in September 2020, we continue to deliver innovative, dynamic, contemporary and collaborative training, and as such we have called upon our collaboration with industry professionals in order to ensure an up-to-date understanding from their perspective of how the industry is changing as this unprecedented event re-shapes the creative industries. This expert knowledge remains the bedrock of our training, our modules, our learning outcomes and our assessments and the aforementioned emphasis of the training is testament to the solid foundation of our programmes. We will continue to foster and develop our students’ curiosity, creativity, confidence, entrepreneurship and adaptability and we will achieve this whilst ensuring that the health, safety and well-being of the students, staff, practitioners, associates and visitors who use the Monkey House remains our top priority. As such, Fourth Monkey have taken and are committed to the following steps:

  • Smaller teaching sub-groups will be implemented to support and promote safe teaching practice for face-to-face training delivery and to further facilitate one-to-one contact from practitioners. These will be called “training bubbles” and will be a great way to support our students in getting to know their fellow classmates
  • Additional studio space has been developed within the Monkey House to ensure training can be delivered face-to-face in a suitable and Covid-compliant environment, and in support of our smaller teaching sub-groups and “training bubbles”
  • Fourth Monkey have developed a dedicated online learning environment to aid and enhance the collaborative and ensemble-led training ethos that is the cornerstone of our professional actor training delivery, and to support the contextual studies-based elements of our students learning
  • Preparatory socially distanced and controlled building use has been implemented throughout the Monkey House. Additionally, hygiene stations have been introduced in all communal spaces alongside revised and additional regular deep-cleaning practices
  • Fourth Monkey will educate all students both current and incoming on the effective use and protocol of PPE wherever necessary within our adapted training environment.

“As you enter the Monkey House, it says “Be bold and play”. This has always been central to our philosophy and never more so than now. We will  discover the new ‘normal’ together, we will celebrate our incoming students as the new additions to our Fourth Monkey community, they will learn and grow in our creative environment and we will continue to innovate and be fearless in facilitating and developing a substantial and transformative training environment for our actors and theatre makers of the next generation. Our industry is dominated by those who are passionate, adaptable and resilient and it is driven by those who are bold and playful. There is no better time or place to discover these skills than now. We cannot wait to meet everyone in person come September.”

Steven Green – Artistic Director 

Fourth Monkey remain actively committed to the delivery of exceptional, collaborative and professional actor training, ensuring that all our students both now and in the future are supported throughout their time with us. We will continue to be innovative, creative industry leaders, and we look forward to welcoming our latest cohort of students in September 2020.

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