CertHE Performance & Theatre Making



Course Name CertHE Performance & Theatre Making
Course Qualification CertHE
Course Duration One Year (Full Time)
Course Leader Simone Waller
Course Delivery Full-time
Course Location The Monkey House, London
Training Provider Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company
Degree Awarding Institution Falmouth University (Subject to Validation)

About the Course

Designed for those embarking on their acting and theatre making journey, this course aims to establish the foundations for fearless, connected and imaginative artists who are employable, knowledgeable and ready as both actors and theatre makers to take the next steps in professional vocational training.

As a Drama School, Fourth Monkey are committed to changing the face of contemporary actor training. The CertHE Performance & Theatre Making course offers innovative and inclusive training to empower and develop those embarking on their creative journey through experiential acting technique, movement, voice and collaborative theatre making.

The CertHE Performance & Theatre Making is validated by Falmouth University. This means that our students are able to access Student Finance to pay the fees, making Fourth Monkey training accessible and affordable to those who wish to explore life at a drama school, in advance of further vocational training at a higher level.

Training on this course encourages connections between training disciplines, practices and activities within the field of performance and creation. The course has no academic written work, instead students “learn by doing” in a range of professional vocational classes, workshops, performance projects and presentations using the unique Fourth Monkey thematic training structure of ACT, MAKE, MOVE, COLLABORATE.

Study Block 1

The first study block of the course is about establishing the foundations upon which the student can build both a bold and dynamic actor as well as an inquisitive and explorative theatre maker. Our students are encouraged to approach the work with a sense of fearlessness, to play and explore with an openness and hunger for discovery. You will sweat, you will laugh and your body will ache but this work establishes the rigour with which you will be expected to work throughout your training journey and beyond as a professional.

Classes focus on specific skills and techniques, whilst holistically developing our students as artists through self-reflection. Ongoing individual developmental support from the Training Team is also core to the Fourth Monkey philosophy, with students receiving constructive feedback on core disciplines throughout the course of the year.

This study block rigorously explores the foundations of play, both as an actor and theatre maker, whilst establishing the core ensemble working practice central to the school’s philosophy. Students are introduced to a myriad of theatrical practices and practitioners to expand their acting and theatre making perspectives all framed around Fourth Monkey’s four pillars of ACT. MAKE. MOVE. COLLABORATE. Shared internal showings of work conclude core modules to give students an opportunity to share and celebrate each others work both in assessed and non-assessed projects.


Core Modules
Act Acting
Actors Toolkit
Make Puppetry
Move Laban
Corporeal Mime
African Diaspora Movement
Collaborate Ensemble
Study Block 2

The second study block of training focuses on broadening the students’ learning and further widening their creative lens, whilst consolidating and building on their learning from the first study block. Students are encouraged to work as an ensemble, celebrating and recognising the qualities of both their own individual self as well as those of their peers. Study Block 2 establishes the principles of ‘seeing and being seen’, encouraging and creating a generous and professional working environment that fosters risk, play and exploration.

Classes focus on furthering technique and practice whilst working toward both solo and collaborative work, as always framed around our core actor training pillars of ACT. MAKE. MOVE. COLLABORATE. With continued support from the Training Team, students continue to receive constructive feedback on core disciplines throughout the study block.

Incorporating both contemporary and classical text, extensive movement practice and collaborative ensemble work, students move toward an increasingly rigorous exploration of technique and practice. Shared internal showings of work conclude the study block to give students an opportunity to share and celebrate each others work both in assessed and non-assessed projects.

Study Block 2 concludes the CertHe Performance & Theatre Making assessment journey.

Study Block 3 enables the students to employ their learning in a Performance & Theatre Making Bootcamp, from rehearsal and conception through to performance. This final study block is not compulsory as part of the CertHE assessment but is incorporated into the learning journey and overall course delivery by Fourth Monkey.


Core Modules
Act Acting through Clown
Mono Monkey
Contemporary Text
Make Playground
Move Lecoq
Stage Combat
Collaborate Ensemble
Study Block 3

Incorporating the Fourth Monkey Certification of completion, the final study block focuses on performance and theatre making, enabling the student to employ all the skills learnt during the CertHE Study Blocks of learning in a final Performance & Theatre Making Bootcamp. From May through to July and the conclusion of the course, the students will work on a season of text based work in their Contemporary Play Project alongside an Ensemble Devised Project. From rehearsal and conception through to performance, these projects of work in repertory conclude the course.

This final study block focuses on collaboration, consolidation and performance. Students are encouraged to work rigorously and with focus as they work toward the culmination of their training.

In the Performance & Theatre Making Bootcamp, students are granted an opportunity to employ specific skills and techniques gained throughout the CertHE in a season of final public performances, sharing and showcasing their work as actors and collaborative theatre makers. Individual developmental support is provided by the core Training Team as previously, with students receiving constructive feedback and guidance on areas of development and those requiring further focus in reference to their continued training journey beyond completion of the course.

The Performance & Theatre Making Bootcamp explores practice and performance, both as an actor and a collaborative ensemble theatre maker, and final projects being chosen to ensure they sit in line with the school’s central training ethos and philosophy. Focusing again on Fourth Monkey’s four pillars of ACT. MAKE. MOVE. COLLABORATE, the Performance & Theatre Making Bootcamp includes shared internal and public showings of work enabling students, as well as their family and friends, an opportunity to share and celebrate each others’ work in a safe and supportive performance environment.


Core Modules
Make Contemporary Play Project – from rehearsal to performance
Collaborate Ensemble Devised Project – from conception to creation

The CertHE Performance & Theatre Making regularly gives students an opportunity to share and celebrate each others’ work both in assessed and non-assessed projects such as performances, presentations, research and personal journals.

At the end of each study block, core department staff and practitioners will typically offer ongoing personal developmental feedback to help inform students’ self-guided learning. Students receive personal formative feedback regularly and are summarily assessed throughout the course during all studios practices, presentations, rehearsals or performances. Summative assessment marks are also given typically based on a students demonstration, embodiment and understanding of the necessary skills related to the learning outcomes.

All Fourth Monkey students are also required at all times to maintain high levels of professional conduct regarding attendance, promptness and preparation which is expected and compulsory.

Our training is informed by industry research, development and relevance. Structures, modules and assessments can periodically change as part of the training curriculum enhancement and review. Up to date module and assessment information is made available to all students upon completion of enrolment with both Fourth Monkey and Falmouth University, the Accrediting Partner for the CertHE course.

Entry Requirements

Fourth Monkey does not discriminate on any grounds. We are committed to removing potential barriers, offering tailored support and making reasonable adjustments for our auditions, workshops and training based solely on the individual’s need, in order to ensure that every opportunity is provided for everyone to fully access and successfully complete all aspects of Fourth Monkey provisions. Everyone is encouraged to be bold and play and everyone has equal opportunity to thrive and excel.


Applicants must be aged 18 years or over at the start of the course. There is no upper age limit and all candidates who apply are offered an audition. Previous formal academic qualifications are not essential.

All Information about Fourth Monkey Application, Audition & Offer requirements and process can be found on our Auditions Page.

To accept any offer made by Fourth Monkey, you must register and satisfactorily adhere to the Admissions Policy of our Accrediting Partner, Falmouth University prior to enrolment on the course.

As a guide, Falmouth University typical offer at undergraduate level is a minimum 104 UCAS Tariff points, primarily from Level 3 qualifications such as but not limited to A-levels, a BTEC Extended Diploma or a Foundation Diploma.


Further information and requirements for International Students can be found in the relevant section of each course page.

If you have any questions regarding Entry Requirements, please do get in touch with our friendly Admissions Team.

EU & International Students
Fourth Monkey welcomes applicants from all around the world and our application process is the same for everyone. International applicants should follow the same advice and apply using the same form as UK applicants.


All Information about Fourth Monkey Application, Audition & Offer requirements and process can be found on our Auditions Page.


Entry Requirements
Applicants should have excellent conversational English and be able to understand a variety of texts. As with UK applicants, our audition panel will be assessing how you deliver your speeches and interact with the panel at interview.


If English is not your first language you will need to meet the same standard expected of UK applicants, which is equivalent to the IELTS Academic 6.0 overall score, with at least 5.5 in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.


A full list of these tests can be found on our validation partner Falmouth University’s website: https://www.falmouth.ac.uk/study/international/english-language-requirements. We can also accept a range of in country equivalencies and approved tests.


Additionally, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we can currently offer other equivalent tests which are available in an online format:


LanguageCert: We require a High Pass from the LanguageCert International ESOL B2 Communicator test: https://www.languagecert.org/LanguageCert-Online-Exams


ETS TOEFL at home: the score we will accept for an online TOEFL exam is the same score that we accept for an in-person exam, which is 80 (minimum 19 in all four components of the exam)https://www.ets.org/s/cv/important-update/.


We recommend contacting the Department of Education in your home country for details of any government funding or scholarships which may be available to you for overseas study.


The UK left the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020 and is now in a transition period. The UK government announced that EU, other EEA and Swiss nationals will no longer be eligible for financial support from Student Finance England for courses starting in the 2021-22 academic year. Please see www.gov.uk for more details.


Following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, Fourth Monkey are currently reviewing the fee status of EU citizens applying for training with Fourth Monkey in September 2021.  We will update this page and ensure that all applicants are immediately notified of any changes accordingly.


Student Visa
Following Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, freedom of movement between the UK and the EU will end on 31 December 2020. EU citizens will thereafter require a visa for studying in the UK.
EU citizens who arrive before the end of the transition period on 31 December 2020, and relevant family members, will be eligible for the EU Settlement Scheme and have until 30 June 2021 to make an application under the scheme.


The UK Government is introducing a new Points-Based Immigration System on 1 January 2021, replacing the current Tier 4 Student Visa. The UK Government will confirm the final details of this new system later this year.  As soon as the UK Government confirms final details of this new Points-Based Immigration System, we will update this page and ensure that all applicants are immediately notified of any changes accordingly.


Fourth Monkey are currently in the process of applying for Office for Students Registration Status and Student Visa Sponsor status. We regret that this course is not currently available to international applicants who would require a Student Route Visa. We will update this page and ensure that all applicants are immediately notified of any changes to our registration status immediately and accordingly.


Resources for EU & International Students
The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) is a helpful resource to find information and advice for international students, including Brexit, immigration, funding, fees and wellbeing.


Any international applicants who have questions regarding applying and studying with Fourth Monkey, please do get in touch with a member of our Admissions Team.
Course Accreditation

Fourth Monkey’s CertHE Performance & Theatre Making course is awarded by one of the UK’s leading specialist universities for the creative industries, Falmouth University.

Falmouth University is ranked Gold in the Teaching Excellence Framework, where teaching, retention and graduate outcomes are consistently outstanding and are of the highest quality found in the UK.

* Please note, that the CertHE training course is subject to formal validation from our degree-awarding partner Falmouth University. During this period, training programme structure and/or content may vary. Any changes to specific programme and training information will be updated accordingly when any such amendments are applied.

Fees & Funding
Audition Fee Free
Tuition Fee £9,250 
Additional Costs Fourth Monkey Uniform £60+
KneePads £5+
Padlock (Coded) £5+


Students on the CertHE Performance & Theatre Making at Fourth Monkey, accredited by Falmouth University, qualify for student loans towards tuition fees and maintenance loan towards living expenses. Students would also be entitled to funding for a further full three years of any chosen BA programme, once you had completed the CertHE course.

For more information on the type of student funding available, please visit the Gov.uk website. There are also a wide variety of alternative funding avenues open to students. Information on these are available on our Funding page.

Course Progression

Students on the CertHE Performance & Theatre Making at Fourth Monkey are taught the skills and encouraged to explore life at a drama school, in advance of further vocational training at a higher level. The majority of CertHE Performance & Theatre Making students choose to stay on and train further with Fourth Monkey.

Our training stands all our students in good stead to study professional vocational acting training at a higher level or to enter the industry should they wish, as they will graduate from Fourth Monkey well-equipped to rise to the challenges and rigours of being a professional actor or theatre maker.

Training Environment

Theatre and acting is a collaborative art form and we place great emphasis on the individual’s responsibility to the group and the group’s responsibility to the individual. This creates an ensemble atmosphere of mutual respect where creativity can flourish.  

Our training ethos is to foster a nurturing environment that creates challenges and opportunities for all our students to have their voice heard and is celebrated. Every student has the opportunity to excel as they are encouraged to be bold and play!

The power of the ensemble group dynamic and ‘play’ in our training is key in helping to shape professionally trained actors and theatre makers fully equipped to thrive in an ever-changing and competitive industry who strive to deliver bold, collaborative work.

Every day, training in the Monkey House has something different to offer and a new challenge for students to face. Core training will be delivered through; practitioner led studio work, collaborative research-led projects, masterclasses, seminars, rehearsals, performances, showcases, films,  feedback tutorials and self-guided learning. Alongside the core training, there are numerous enhancement opportunities which serve to physically and mentally prepare all of our students for the term and tasks ahead, encourage our multi-disciplinary ethos, widen students’ perspective and enhance their engagement with the profession.

The core of Fourth Monkey’s training is delivered entirely at the Monkey House, our home and training base, in Islington, North London. You can explore the Monkey House and its range of training spaces with our virtual 360 tour of the building.

Fourth Monkey is very much a family, comprising our collaborative community of our core senior teaching staff, talented freelance practitioners and of course our students. Our core teaching team work alongside some of the UK’s finest practitioners and theatre makers with our actors-in-training, sharing their passion, enthusiasm, plus specialist knowledge and experience to create a unique, dynamic working environment where individual expression is valued and nurtured and every voice is heard.

To find out more information on our Training Staff, plus our core office team, click the button below.

We have created a variety of training courses to give you all the tools you will need as an actor and theatre maker working in the contemporary industry. Explore all our training courses and decide which will be the right fit for you, via the link below.

How to Apply

Fourth Monkey auditions are designed to reflect our training and company ethos, celebrating the individual whilst fostering a sense of collaborative growth and development. We aim to create a relaxed and informal environment so everyone can show their true potential.

Information about Fourth Monkey Application, Audition & Offer process and requirements can be found on our Auditions Page.

To apply to audition for a place at Fourth Monkey, simply follow the step by step process below for your opportunity to train with Fourth Monkey:

We look forward to welcoming you to an audition with Fourth Monkey in the near future.

If you would like to experience the Fourth Monkey style of training first-hand, we offer free Taster Workshops on a monthly basis to work out whether we are the right drama school for you.


Led by Artistic Director Steven Green, the workshops are a fun and physical introduction to the Fourth Monkey ethos and training and you can meet and alumni and practitioners and ask any questions that you may have.