Your Audition with Fourth Monkey

Fourth Monkey auditions are designed to reflect our training and company ethos, celebrating the individual whilst fostering a sense of collaborative growth and development. We aim to create a relaxed and informal environment where everyone is able to show their true potential. 

All applicants to Fourth Monkey full-time actor training programmes are asked to prepare and perform two audition speeches* (each lasting no longer than two-minutes):

  • One Classical speech (Shakespeare or similar Elizabethan-era writer)
  • One Contemporary speech

Please note; MA COLLABORATIVE THEATRE applicants are also required to provide a short piece (no longer than 3 minutes) that showcases their musical, physical or directorial skill(s) imaginatively to provide an insight into them as a theatre maker, as well as what drives them creatively.

When attending a Fourth Money audition, applicants are also asked to:

  • Wear suitable clothing that allows you to move freely throughout your audition
  • Have any questions ready that you would like to find out about training with Fourth Monkey

Most importantly, don’t forget to come with an open-mind and to be bold and play. We look forward to seeing you at a Fourth Monkey audition very soon!

* Audition speeches are also required to be recorded as self-tapes and uploaded as part of the Application process

Audition Considerations
  • Ensure that you have read the whole play each of your chosen monologues comes from
  • Choose a piece that matches your age
  • Do not use props or costumes
  • Use only your natural accent
  • Do not direct your piece at the audition panel
Audition Assessment

Fourth Monkey applicants are only assessed on individual merit at audition, focusing on their potential as an actor and theatre maker. Within this framework, all applicants are assessed on the following qualities and abilities:


  • Ability to take direction
  • Understanding text and use of emotion
  • Truth & Focus
  • Expression of thought and feeling through movement and voice
  • Openness to others imagination and creativity
  • Communication, generosity and collaborative skills
  • Creativity, boldness and playfulness

Audition Dates

To ensure our auditions, training and all Fourth Monkey creative provisions are open to everyone who wish to participate, we offer numerous access routes into drama school training via our free in-house, regional or virtual auditions as well as our School & Taster Workshops. Taster and Schools Workshops.


In-HouseSaturday 16 January 2021
Saturday 13 February 2021
Saturday 06 March 2021
Saturday 10 April 2021
Saturday 24 April 2021
VirtualSaturday 23 January 2021
Saturday 6 February 2021
Saturday 20 February 2021
Saturday 13 March 2021
Saturday 17 April 2021
RegionalDates & Venues to follow


Further dates and opportunities to audition with Fourth Monkey will be made available throughout the year.

When I wanted to audition for Fourth Monkey, I couldn’t make the audition date so I called up to see whether I could do another date. There were no spaces on the other sessions, so without hesitating, Steve told me that I could come in for a 1:1 audition. That’s what really made the school stand out for me – they will always try their utmost to give you a chance and let you prove yourself, no matter the circumstances and even if it means them going out of their way to do it.

Naomi Denny, Two Year Alumni 2019

How to Apply

Every person who completes and submits an application will be invited to audition with Fourth Monkey and begin their journey towards becoming an actor and theatre maker.

Completing our quick and easy online application form should take no longer than a few minutes, we will simply need you to provide the following information:

  • Personal Information incl. Photo
  • Contact Information
  • Education History
  • Fourth Monkey Training Programme Choice
  • Fourth Monkey Audition Choice (Incl. Access Requirements, if applicable)
  • Link to two, 2-minute Self-Tape Speeches (and MA Collaborative Theatre Creative Task, if applicable)
  • 200-word Personal Statement
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Diversity Information

Offers to join any of our full-time training programmes are only made to those who have submitted a completed application form and subsequently successfully auditioned for Fourth Monkey.

If you need any help with any part of the application or audition process, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with the Admissions Team.

The Fourth Monkey Audition Experience

We have made every effort to ensure all applicants feel at ease, are given ample opportunity to demonstrate their potential and have numerous opportunities to ask questions.

A Fourth Monkey audition takes place over the course of a single day, testing groups of applicants on their performance of text, their vocal and physical suitability, plus their individual drive to train professionally and adhere to the rigours attached to this. It is also designed to give each applicant equal opportunity to ensure that Fourth Monkey will also be the right drama school environment and offer the most suitable approach to training for them.

All auditions are conducted by Fourth Monkey Artistic Director, Steve Green, and/or Director of Training Charleen Qwaye, alongside a panel of specialist practitioners who teach the core modules on our training programmes. Applicants are welcomed to the school, introduced to the audition panel as well as the audition format and process before the day begins in earnest and we start to be bold and play!

The audition itself begins with an ensemble warm-up, followed by collaborative movement and improvisation workshops to give everyone a chance to familiarise themselves with our approach to actor training.

Applicants will then perform their chosen monologues to the panel and receive re-direction to re-work at least one of their chosen speeches. This is intended to be a collaborative exercise to give further explore the choices an applicant has made, as well as an insight into who they are as an actor and performer.

Each applicant will then have a one-on-one interview with a member of the audition panel, where they will receive feedback on their speeches, discuss their application and funding should they be successful, as well as have an opportunity to ask any questions about the training and school.

There will also be a tour of the Monkey House, plenty of opportunities to speak with Alumni or students as well as a Q&A session to ask any questions that you may have about Fourth Monkey’s core training ethos, approach to drama school and actor training, and the overall student experience.

A typical audition day begins promptly at 9:45am, and normally ends around 6:00pm.

Auditions are delivered in the same manner regardless of exact venue or delivery method, and variables are based only on delivery method, group size and audition panel capacity.

Which course is for you?

BA (Hons) Acting

The BA (Hons) Acting Accelerated Degree Designed for those looking to forge a career as a professional actor and theatre maker, this course aims to create fearless, connected and imaginative artists who are employable, knowledgeable and industry-ready in just two years, offering a more accessible and more affordable route into a professional career as an actor and theatre maker.

Learn more about the BA (Hons) Acting Accelerated Degree below:

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MA Collaborative Theatre

The MA Collaborative Theatre degree provides a unique opportunity to explore and develop the skills relevant to professional contemporary collaborative theatre practice, delivered in association with international renowned partners and practitioners. Delivery is offered as a flexible learning framework, and is designed to be inclusive and affordable. As such, it compares favourably to other London-based drama school postgraduate programmes, whilst still staying true to Fourth Monkey’s unique training ethos.

Learn more about the MA Collaborative Theatre degree below:

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Foundation Acting

Designed for those embarking on their acting journey, the Foundation Acting: Integrated BA (Hons) Acting training programme aims to establish the groundwork for fearless, connected and imaginative actors and theatre makers. As this Integrated aspect of our BA (Hons) Acting Accelerated Degree incorporates a foundation year of study, unique to London drama schools, this means our students are able to access Student Finance to pay the fees, a significant advantage and favourable comparison against other London-based drama school Foundation Acting programmes.

Learn more about the Foundation Acting below:

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Year of the Monkey

Designed for those embarking on their acting journey, returning to the industry or indeed those embracing a new challenge and changing career, the Year of the Monkey programme creates a diverse, collaborative environment in which to explore this unique, intensive movement-based actor training programme, and as such, the teaching delivery is designed to allow students to work and train at the same time to better facilitate accessibility to those transitioning from another career or educational setting. Upon completion of the programme, graduates are well-positioned to take their next steps within the arts, whether that be further training or returning to the industry as an actor or theatre maker.

Learn more about the Year of the Monkey course below:

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Course Entry Requirements

Additionally, to accept any offer made by Fourth Monkey, you must register and satisfactorily meet the entry requirements* adhering to the Admissions Policy ahead of enrolment with our Accrediting Partner, Falmouth University.

* This only applies to the BA (Hons) Acting, MA Collaborative Theatre and the Foundation Acting training programmes. It does not apply to the Year of the Monkey training programme, which is aligned with Fourth Monkey’s Admissions Policy.

If you would like to experience the Fourth Monkey style of training first-hand, we offer free Taster Workshops on a monthly basis to work out whether we are the right drama school for you.


Led by Artistic Director Steven Green, the workshops are a fun and physical introduction to the Fourth Monkey ethos and training and you can meet and alumni and practitioners and ask any questions that you may have.