Fourth Monkey’s Of Land and Sea Classical Season 2019

Don’t miss our Classical Season performances this March, presented by our graduating Two Year Rep students. They will perform Shakespeare’s Henry V and Pericles in rep, as their first public showcase season of the year.

We warmly invite you to these performances, although this is a particularly useful opportunity to see our students’ work if you are applying or thinking of applying to train with Fourth Monkey.

The two shows will be performed in repertory by our graduating Two Year Rep students.

Henry V

There’s talk of war on England’s borders and in a bid to avoid a tax on the Church, the Archbishop of Canterbury persuades King Henry V to take the French crown. Against all odds Henry wins the Battle of Agincourt, a victory that will resonate through the ages.

Henry V is a classic History play, presenting the conundrum: did Shakespeare write it as a jingoistic vehicle for English nationalism, or a condemnation of a brutal war?

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A magical, macabre adventure of strange lands, murderous intent, challenge and celebration, true love and three curmudgeonly fisherwomen.

In a tale rich with contemporary resonance Pericles, exiled by the fates, is forced to migrate across treacherous seas, embarking on a journey of self-discovery in search of safe haven, shelter, family and, finally, a home.

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