Fourth Monkey’s Year One Devised Season and Camden Fringe performances are now on sale!

At the end of their first year, our Year One class of Two Year Rep students will be performing RebelRebelRebelRebelRebel. Please?
This piece of devised work by our Year Ones is led by the multi-award winning Rhum and Clay led by artistic directors Julian Spooner and Matthew Wells.

Inspired by extinction rebellion a group of clowns have gathered, assembled and occupied a space. They’ve invited you to join them. They promise stories, songs and speeches of protest. They promise that this occupation will be a messy, glorious and dangerous celebration of all that it is to resist and rebel. They also promise that they will change the world. Come join because you wouldn’t want to miss that.


Tickets Adult £15 / Concessions £12

This year we have expanded the number of shows our students will be performing at the Camden Fringe, all of which are on sale now.

Our graduating class of Two Year Rep students will perform Valhalla, creating in association with internationally renowned director, Rich Rusk.

This year’s class of the Year of the Monkey students will take part in our Cult Season, performing three plays – 909, Witness and Sannyas in rep.

Finally, we will be joined by alumni company, Ride the Wave for their show, Anthropocene, produced in collaboration with Hueman.

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Created by the Two Year Rep class and Rich Rusk

Directed by Rich Rusk

Freyja has tied up the baby sitter, redecorated the house and left the door open… Will you join her for an evening of stories, games and Viking warriors? Let Loki guide you through a playful site-specific storytelling experience. Discover fortune tellers, giant spiders, an army of Valkyrie women and a witch who has built a nest in the roof… Created by Fourth Monkey’s Two Year Rep programme students and directed by award winning director Rich Rusk.


Tuesday 6 – Sunday 11 August

Thursday 15 – Sunday 18 August

Wednesday 21 – Saturday 24 August

Each evening there will be four entry points – 8.50pm, 9.10pm, 9.30pm and 9.50pm.

Valhalla is an experiential, promenade performance that moves through the entirety of the Monkey House, across its 4 floors. Patrons with access requirements, concerns or questions, should contact the venue manager Jonne Damhuis prior to booking, and he will be happy to help. Contactable on or 0207 281 0360.

Tickets £12



Written by Abi Smith

Directed by Tamara Tooher

It was the largest single loss of American civil life in a deliberate act until the terror attacks of September 11 2001. In November 1978, 909 followers of the People’s Temple, under the direction of cult leader, Jim Jones, committed suicide by drinking Kool-Aid laced with cyanide. What led these individuals to follow Jones to the edge?


Wednesday 7 – Sunday 11 August, 6.45pm

Thursday 15 August, 5.15pm

Saturday 17 August, 5.15pm

Wednesday 21 August, 5.15pm

Friday 23 August, 5.15pm

Sunday 25 August, 5.15pm

Tickets £12



Written by Mia Jerome &

Directed by Mia Jerome

Across the globe, the sixties were a time of liberty, free love and open expression. Down in rural Costa Rica, the commune of the Children of God balance their own interpretation of ‘freedom’ with religious expression. Their leader, David Berg keeps a watchful eye on his disciples from afar, expectantly welcoming the end of the world…



Thursday 8 August, 5.15pm

Saturday 10 August, 5.15pm

Wednesday 14 August, 5.15pm

Friday 16 August, 5.15pm

Sunday 18 August, 5.15pm

Wednesday 21 – Sunday August 25, 6.45pm

Tickets £12


Written by Mia Jerome

Directed by Gavin Maxwell

Joan floats through life ignored and under-appreciated. She is malcontent, and wants to feel something. A chance encounter leads her to the Sannyas, a group of individuals in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment. Invigorated by their quest for an ascetic life, Joan escapes domesticity and starts her journey towards becoming a whole new person.


Wednesday 7 August, 5.15pm

Friday 9 August, 5.15pm

Sunday 11 August, 5.15pm

Wednesday 14 – Sunday 18 August, 6.45pm

Thursday 22 August, 5.15pm

Saturday 24 August, 5.15pm

Tickets £12



Created by Ride the Wave and Hueman

We have it all. Power, technology, civilisation and 5G data plans… We shape the world with our intelligent stupidity, leaving morality homeless.’Anthropocene’ is a light-hearted punch of heightened realism on humanities biggest decision yet. Through devised physical theatre and lycra, Ride The Wave & Hueman present a playful insight into the future we face in reaction to climate change and the people who will change it. Supported by Fourth Monkey and Visual Elements, Ride The Wave return for another year at the Camden Fringe in collaboration with Hueman. We are dedicated to planting a tree for every ticket sold.


Monday 12 August, 8.30pm

Tuesday 13 August, 8.30pm

Wednesday 14 August, 8.30pm

Tickets £10


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