Fourth Monkey believes that actor training should be accessible to every individual who has the drive and determination to work within a very competitive yet rewarding industry.

Traditionally, actor training has been the preserve of those who could afford it. However Fourth Monkey’s mission is to revolutionise the arts and to diversify the voices we hear on stage, which is why we are committed to opening access to our courses. As a charity organisation, all of our student fees go toward the training we provide, keeping it ethical in its delivery and delivering the highest calibre of training we possibly can.

We know that the financial investment in actor training is substantial, but insist that it should not be prohibitive. This is why we work with each and every student to whom we offer a place, to make sure they know how they will fund their training and offer support where possible.

Fourth Monkey has, at present, actively decided against applying for accreditation for its programmes. This is a decision to protect our training and our right to change and evolve our programmes, without limitation from an umbrella organisation or associated institution. Consequently, our actors-in-training are not eligible for student finance. Although this may make the process of securing funding more complex, it does not mean that the money is not there.

The financial implication of actor training can seem daunting, and many individuals may be deterred from pursing it, choosing instead to follow another path in education or work. Our aim here is to demonstrate that you should not be put off and to show you the various ways you can fund your training, whether one your own or with support.


An Affordable Course

Our approach to making our training financially accessible begins with the construction of our courses. We adopt an accelerated learning approach to our programmes, with our four term academic years. This reduces the financial implication of training for up to three years; a training year, in our opinion, should be a full years training and experience.

This also means you only have to fund your living costs for two years, as opposed to the more traditional three, a significant expense which can often be miscalculated. We also subsequently get you out in the world working a year sooner!

We have no hidden fees. When you study at Fourth Monkey, you’ll pay the course fee + £60 for uniform. If you are on your two-year Rep course, the trip to Italy is covered by your fees, so unlike most universities, you won’t be asked to keep paying for a ‘little extras’ throughout your course. We also charge every student the same rate, whether from the UK, Europe or beyond – our costs don’t change so why should yours?

If you want to boost your professional practise once you have graduated, we even offer you a discount on Professional Development courses. This is part of our ethos – once a Monkey, always a Monkey – and we’re not here to make money out of our family.

How to fund your training

The responsibility for funding your training ultimately lies with you and we strongly advise that you consider your means of funding before you attend an audition with us. However, we have experience with how to fund actor training and can help you through the process. Together, we can support you as you plan a funding strategy.

Course Fees

Discover the various ways you can fund your training

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