Intro to Alexander Technique

One day workshop

Rid yourself of personal habits and immerse yourself in character using the Alexander Technique.

Course Description

Alexander Technique is a system of exploring the efficient use of the actor’s primary tools – the voice and physical body.  This exploration allows the actor to identify and change the habits that interfere with physical ease, freedom and control.

Alexander Technique can be an invaluable tool for actors and performers to enhance movement skills; speak with a clear, strong and true voice; breathe effortlessly and silently; avoid personal movement habits that do not belong to a character; improve spatial awareness and the ability to relate to other actors, props and sets; be centred, both physically and mentally and achieve greater openness and clarity.

Tutor: Jude Tisdall

Jude Tisdall has worked with actors and performers both within and outside educational institutions for many years.

Course Details

Thursday 25 April, 7.30 – 9.30pm


£30 Non-member

£20 Evolve Programme Member

£15 Alumni Programme Member

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