Corporeal Mime

Six week course

Become a master of one of your central storytelling vehicles – your body – under the instruction of Ramon Ayres, Co-Artistic Director of Ephemeral Ensemble.

Course Description

Designed for professional and semi-professional performers, participants will be challenged to try, through a unique vocabulary, how to magnify the expression of their body in a theatrical and skilful manner. During this process you will dive into the intensive physical training of Corporeal Mime to explore body articulation and coordination, playful exploration between body and gravity, three dimensions of the body (lateral, rotation and depth), rhythmics of the body, body ripple. This short course will be valuable for actors and performers interested to enhance their ability to physicalise thoughts and emotion in a playful way on the stage.

Tutor: Ramon Ayres

Ramon Ayres is Co-Artistic Director of Ephemeral Ensemble and a regular Corporeal Mime practitioner of Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company.

Ramon Ayres is an actor, director and mime. He is regularly leading Corporeal Mime workshops in the UK and internationally, places such as Icelandic Academy of the Arts and East15. He is also a regular practitioner with Fourth Monkey teaching the Two Year Rep and the Year of the Monkey courses. He worked with the international touring company Theatre de l’Ange Fou and toured with the them in the U.S. He co-directed the physical theatre piece “The Unparalleled Adventure of One Hans Pfall” that went on tour in the UK, Italy, India and South Korea.

Course Details

Every Friday

11th October – 15th November
18:00 – 21:00


£80 Full Price

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