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Course Description

As a performer you need to sell yourself like any other product on the market. You need a marketing strategy, packaging and branding. These 45 minute one-to-one sessions are an opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of your personal brand.

Bring along your existing marketing materials e.g. CV, headshot, showreel, covering letter, personal website, Spotlight and Casting Call Pro account information, plus a performance piece (monologue of no more than two minutes in length). Darren will help you identify ways that your brand can be strengthened and fine tune your marketing strategy.

Tutor: Darren R L Gordon

For the last 15 years, Darren R L Gordon has been helping actors develop a career in TV, film and theatre. For the last seven he has run his own company which trains actors and produces small-scale theatre and a variety of film-based productions. He has also delivered workshops for Channel 4, the BBC and a number of theatre venues across the country. He has worked with many actors at all ages and levels of experience and has helped them progress their technique, understanding, contacts, range and abilities. Over the last few years he has had particular success in helping actors identify what they have to offer and how that is best marketed to the industry and as a result, has created his Branding and Networking Workshops.

Course Details

Monday 11 March

> 6.30pm

> 7.15pm

> 8pm

> 8.45pm


Tuesday 9 April

> 6.30pm

> 7.15pm

> 8pm

> 8.45pm


£50 Non-member

£40 Evolve Programme Member

£35 Alumni Programme Member

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Am I expected to bring anything?

Yes, please bring along your professional stationery (CV-personal and Spotlight, headshot, showreel/voicereel, social media account (professional) and anything else you use to promote yourself as an artist.

What if I do not have some of the professional stationery/resources requested?

Do not worry about what you don’t have, just bring what you do have and Darren can support you with creating anything missing.

Can I book more than one session?

Yes, however we recommend that they are not on the same day. We suggest you discuss the booking of future sessions with Darren, to make sure you are able to make maximum use of the time. Each session is booked and paid for individually.

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