7 Day Play

One Week Intensive

Stretch the creative muscles you need to stage a play in just seven days.

Course Description

Read, analyse, cast, rehearse and perform a play in just seven days. This week-long intensive course will aim to condense a normal four week rehearsal process into just seven days, allowing participants to practice the process of getting a play from read-through to performance level. A suitable and contemporary text will be chosen once candidates have been selected for the course. Participants will be required to be off book for a final showing of a cut down version of the chosen play.

If you are interested in this course, please submit your CV with relevant experience and why you would like to take part to admissions@fourthmonkey.co.uk. Apply by 1 March 2019 and if you are successful, you will be notified by the 8 March. You will be sent a link for payment which must be completed by 15 March.

Course Details

Every day, 6 – 13 April 

(Sunday 7 off for research)

9am – 5pm


£320 Non-member

£290 Evolve Programme Member

£250 Alumni Programme Member

Become a Member

Become a member of the Evolve Programme to develop your craft and industry know-how, free for the duration of 2019.

How will members be selected for this workshop?

Application for this course is by CV, it is open to current Evolve Programme Members and Fourth Monkey Alumni. Selection will take place a month before and those selected will sent a link for payment. The practitioner leading the course will select cast members on role suitability and learning needs based on CV experience.

Will I find out the play in advance?

Once we have received all the applications, a play will be selected and those offered a place will be informed and sent the play details in advance.

Will I need to prepare anything?

You will be expected to have read the play several times and have a sound knowledge of your character, their journey and the narrative as a whole. The more off-book you can be the better.

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