Our Team

We are a team of people whose joint mission it is to
create change in the world of performance.

Fourth Monkey is very much a family. Our dedicated staff work closely with some of the UK’s finest drama practitioners, students and theatre-makers, to create a truly unique working environment where individual creative expression is valued and nurtured.

The organisation is led by our CEO, Executive and Artistic Director, Steve Green. As well as taking overall responsibility for the strategic direction, financial management and governance of the organisation, Steve also directs the Fourth Monkey Ensemble.

The training department is led by the Director of Training and Deputy CEO, Charleen Qwaye. This team delivers two full time courses, as well as a programme of short courses. 

Our Staff

Artistic Leadership

Steve Green

Artistic Director & CEO

Charleen Qwaye

Director of Training & Head of Acting and Courses

Heads of Department

Harriet Whitbread

Head of Voice

Magda Tuka

Head of Year of the Monkey;
Head of Movement & Devising

Guillaume Pigé

Head of Devising

Artistic Associate

Simone Coxall

Creative Associate

Monkey Business

Jonathan Maydew-Gale

Academic Development Manager

Neil Onions

Development Manager

Thomas Valentine


Tanja Raaste


Hetty Partington

Marketing & Communications Manager

Jonne Damhuis

Building Coordinator

Course Tutors

Darren Strange, Brigid Zengeni, Jorge De Juan, Simone Coxall, Arthur Wilson, Lewis Hart, Ian Henderson, Paula Paz, Shane Dempsey, Heather Nimmo, Lawrence Evans, Phillippa Strandberg-Long, Ewa Kolodzieska, Patrick Bailey, Anne Dennis, Ellen Havard, Ellie Jones and Poppy Rowley

Steven Green, Jorge De Juan, Darren Strange, Ian Williams, Chris Pavlo, Colleen Pendergast, Harry Myers and Nathaniel Tapley
Acting for Camera & Radio

Frank Wurzinger

Antonio Fava
Commedia dell’Arte

Tamsin Stanley
Contextual Studies

Donna Diamond, Nicky Goh, Ivana Ostrowski and Maria Clarke

Simone Coxall, Anne Dennis, Sarah Meadows, Rich Rusk and Finn Morrell
Devising Theatre

Guillaume Pigé, Magda Tuka, Ramon Ayres, Eyglo Belafonte, Angela Gasparetto, Nancy Kettle, Igne Barkauskaite, Jonathan Gunning, Andrei Biziorek and Parke Fech

Simon Egerton
Musical Director

Tom Espiner & Fiona Clift

Helen Ireland

Rob Leonard, Keith Wallis, Enric Ortuño and Joe Golby
Stage Combat

Ken Pickering and Mark Woolgar
Textual Analysis

Harriet Whitbread, Joel Trill, Nancy Wigglesworth, Emma Wainer, Alice White, Aundrea Fudge, Nick Trumble, Kit Lessner, Izo FitzRoy, Cassandra Gonzales, David Brown, Rebecca Whitbread and Lucy Atkinson

Sophie Wilkinson, Carla Turner, Magda Tuka, Hannah Vincent and Darcy Wallace

Associates and Partners

Arts Council England, Complicité, Told by an Idiot, Theatre Re, Ephemeral Ensemble, Rhum & Clay, Clay & Diamonds, Shunt, Small Nose Productions, Temper Theatre, 6FootStories, Camden Fringe, The Marlowe Theatre, The Marlowe Society, The Cervantes Theatre, The Spanish Theatre Company, Blind Summit, Falmouth University, The Stage, TheSpaceUK, Visual Elements, Hawthorne and Halo

Our Patrons

Fourth Monkey are delighted to announce that we have welcomed several new patrons into our collaborative community of staff, students and supporters. They represent theatre professionals who work across acting, directing and dramaturgy, onstage, in film and beyond:

Brigid Zengeni | Danielle Kassaraté | Guillaume Pigé | Jonjo O’Neill | Jorge de Juan | Paula Paz | Sophia Khan


Interested in joining our team?