About Us

Fourth Monkey started life as an act of rebellion.

I had hoped to create a training methodology which reflected the requirements of the current performance landscape, but also gave a platform to a far greater range of stories than are currently presented in modern theatre and broadcast media.

The goal of Fourth Monkey is to create a world ignited by a visceral cacophony of bold and diverse voices and since its inception in 2010, I believe that we have gone a long way towards making that happen.

Our high profile, ground breaking theatre Performances not only provides a stage for our actors, but also challenges the status quo.


is the seldom-quoted fourth monkey of the ancient Japanese proverb. Quite simply, Shizaru embodies the principles of doing no evil, or more simply, doing good. This, alongside the evolutionary association with our primate cousins and the way our training is a forerunner in the evolution of theatre training in the UK, is why we became known as Fourth Monkey.


We deliver a professional alternative to conservatoire training from our bespoke company training base in North London.


Since it was formed in 2010, Fourth Monkey has created challenging, original and visceral work and continues to promote diversity through the industry. Fourth Monkey became a Registered Charity in England and Wales in 2015 (no. 1164406).

In an industry that is in a constant state of transformation, actors of today must be ready to learn, adapt and collaborate within any number of professional environments. This is why at Fourth Monkey, we believe that training for the world of contemporary performance requires an innovative, inclusive and forward thinking approach.

Our training programmes centre on equipping each individual with the wide variety of skills they will need for a career as a professional actor, whilst focusing on the strength of the collective and empowerment of the ensemble.

We do not look for certain schools on your application form and we don’t place unreasonable fees in the way of accessing our training. We allow you to work alongside your education at Fourth Monkey and there are no hidden extras – everything is included in your termly fees.

This represents a revolution in the arts, advocating a social change in attitudes towards who can train as an actor. It doesn’t have to be the privileged few, or even those who are lucky enough to be ‘discovered’; but hard-working young actors can take their future in their hands and forge a career for themselves in the arts.

We see an application to train at Fourth Monkey as the start of a lifelong journey. If you don’t get offered a place right away, we can point you in the direction of where to focus your efforts; once accepted, we support you personally through your training with us and after graduation, we provide you with discounted rehearsal space, performance opportunities and professional development through the Evolve Programme.

A Personal Audition Process

We want to celebrate every individual who comes through our doors and escape the often intellectual and exclusive attitude towards actor training in the UK. Our approach looks to celebrate your humanity, encourage your passion and help you to seek out physical and emotional truth.

We also believe strongly in the power of the group dynamic and ensemble ‘play’. We develop collaborative, open performers and creative individuals who are not driven by the pursuit of stardom or the individual spotlight, but by the desire to deliver bold, visceral and collaborative work.

World-renowned practitioners

Our training effectively facilitates an apprenticeship with leading practitioners from across a diverse range of fields. This hands-on and relevant approach produces a performer who is trained in multiple ways of working – a rounded artist who is confident to work with anyone and to create creative working methodologies of their own.

Left: Shane Dempsey, National Theatre Connections Director and Practitioner on 2nd Year Play Project & Contemporary Production

Performance Excellence

We believe that actors-in-training should benefit from as much practical experience of performance as possible, which is why our Two Year Rep students take part in six repertory seasons across their training. In the final eight months of training, all productions are open to the public to showcase our students’ performances to the wider industry.

Once a Monkey, Always a Monkey

Many of our alumni will pursue the traditional paths of agent representation once they have completed their training with us, with the majority successfully signing with an agent upon graduation. At the same time, many of our actors also benefit from the company’s particular focus on giving students the tools and empowerment to create professional work, a theatre company or ensemble of their own.

We have a diverse group of alumni who work across the creative industry. In addition, a number of our graduates go on to work as part of the Fourth Monkey professional ensemble, a successful Arts Council funded touring company comprised entirely of graduates from the training programme.


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