Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company is committed to the progress and longevity of our alumni’s careers. We have always worked hard on our pledge of ‘Once a Monkey, always a Monkey,’ employing previous students as actors, assistant directors, stage managers and more. But new for 2019, comes the Fourth Monkey professional development course: The Evolve Programme.

Offering a fantastic range of Acting, Movement, Voice and creative classes, the Evolve Programme gives Monkey alumni and working actors the chance to hone their craft and develop their skills part-time, post graduation. The practitioners leading each course include renowned Casting Directors, Producers and theatre specialists across a range of performance fields.

Evolve Programe Eligibility

  • Two Year Rep Programme alumni
  • Year of the Monkey alumni
  • Any working actor who has trained to Level 4 or above
  • Spotlight listed actors
  • Meisner Hangout eligibility – Please indicate previous experience of Meisner on your application form


You can access the programme by joining as an alumnus or a professional working actor. Membership of the programme will give you up to £30 off a course, as well as access to special offers and discounts.



To celebrate the launch of the Evolve Programme, we’re offering free membership for the duration of 2019 to all those who apply via the form below and who are eligible. This gives you access to the many courses on offer, as well as a range of specials offers which include:

  • Up to 50% off rehearsal room rates at the Monkey House
  • 40% off Oberon books and playtexts
  • 20% off all food and drink at Grandad’s Coffee, opposite the Monkey House


If you would like to become an Evolve Programme Member, please apply via the link:



The Evolve Programme Courses

1:1 Sessions

(click the time below you want to book)

Monday 11 March 2019: 6.30pm / 7.15pm / 8pm / 8.45pm

Tuesday 9 April 2019: 6.30pm / 7.15pm / 8pm / 8.45pm

As a performer you need to sell yourself like any other product on the market. You need a marketing strategy, packaging and branding. These 45 minute one to one sessions are an opportunity to discuss the effectiveness of your personal brand.

Bring along your existing marketing materials e.g. CV, headshot, showreel, covering letter, personal website, Spotlight and Casting Call Pro account information, plus a performance piece (monologue of no more than two minutes in length). Darren will help you identify ways that your brand can be strengthened and fine tune your marketing strategy.

Tutor: Darren R L Gordon

For the last 15 years, Darren R L Gordon has been helping actors develop a career in TV, film and theatre. For the last seven he has run his own company which trains actors and produces small-scale theatre and a variety of film-based productions. He has also delivered workshops for Channel 4, the BBC and a number of theatre venues across the country. He has worked with many actors at all ages and levels of experience and has helped them progress their technique, understanding, contacts, range and abilities. Over the last few years he has had particular success in helping actors identify what they have to offer and how that is best marketed to the industry and as a result, has created his Branding and Networking Workshops.

£50 Full Price / £40 Evolve Programme Member / £35 Alumni Programme Member


Three hour workshop

Thursday 28 March

6.30 – 9.30pm

16 places

Alexander Technique is a system of exploring the efficient use of the actor’s primary tools – the voice and physical body.  This exploration allows the actor to identify and change the habits that interfere with physical ease, freedom and control.

Alexander Technique can be an invaluable tool for actors and performers to enhance movement skills; speak with a clear, strong and true voice; breathe effortlessly and silently; avoid personal movement habits that do not belong to a character; improve spatial awareness and the ability to relate to other actors, props and sets; be centred, both physically and mentally and achieve greater openness and clarity.

Tutor: Jude Tisdall

Jude Tisdall has worked with actors and performers both within and outside educational institutions for many years.

£30 Full Price / £20 Evolve Programme Member / £15 Alumni Programme Member




Six week course*

Thursdays, 16 May – 20 June 2019

6.30 – 9.30pm

16 places

An intensive course for people who know and love Meisner’s repetition exercise but need help applying it to all sorts of different rehearsal rooms and directors processes. You will gain an efficient, consistent method applying the freedom of living truthfully to all textual given circumstances, directors instructions and auditions, as well as the ability to work with actors who are not Meisner trained.

Each week will cover one of the unique five conditions of the Gonsalves Method. An approach that has been developed and tested over many productions. It is specifically for Meisner trained actors. The elements you’re familiar with, but it offers a consistent, methodical way of approaching, preparing and playing text.

It will give you the confidence to truthfully apply emotional preparation, objectives, stakes, entitlement and help you use your imagination in specific ways to trigger authentic connection across all genres and mediums. It will look at how to incorporate physical externals, accents, costume etc into your process whilst still staying open, truthful and connected.

Tutor: Aileen Gonsalves

Aileen is currently Head of Acting at Drama Studio London. She is an actor, writer and director and has been a successful theatre practitioner for the past 25 years, 20 of which as a Meisner practitioner. She has directed for the RSC for 10 years, most recently directing ‘The Tempest’ at the Swan Theatre and working as an Associate Director on the groundbreaking motion capture ‘The Tempest’ at the Barbican.

She is an Associate Artist at Kali Theatre, Founder and Artistic Director of Butterfly Theatre (a Meisner-rooted site specific company producing 13 shows a year – mainly Shakespeare) and Founder of the innovative ‘Gonsalves Method’ (Meisner in application). She was Head of the MA in Acting at Arts Ed drama school 2012 -2015, where she developed and tested the Gonsalves Method. Co-founder and Artistic Director of C Company 2007-2012 (Meisner rooted). She teaches Meisner and The Gonsalves Method across the world from New York to Oman and across Europe.

£150 Full Price / £120 Evolve Programme Member / £80 Alumni Programme Member

*Only available to people with experience in Meisner – please note previous experience on your programme membership application. Year of the Monkey students are currently not eligible for this course.



One week intensive

9am – 5pm

Every day, 6 – 13 April (Sunday 7 off for research)

16 places

Saturday to Saturday, with the Sunday allotted to personal research.

Read, analyze, cast, rehearse and perform a play in just seven days. This week-long intensive course will aim to condense a normal four week rehearsal process into just seven days, allowing participants to practice the process of getting a play from read-through to performance level. A suitable and contemporary text will be chosen once candidates have been selected for the course. Participants will be required to be off book for a final showing of a cut down version of the chosen play.

If you are interested in this course, please submit your CV with relevant experience and why you would like to take part to Apply by 1 March 2019 and if you are successful, you will be notified by the 8 March. You will be sent a link for payment which must be completed by 15 March.

£320 Full Price / £290 Evolve Programme Member / £250 Alumni Programme Member




One week intensive

9am – 5pm

Every day, 6 – 13 April (Sunday 7 off for research)

16 places

A fantastic opportunity for actors, directors and theatre-makers with performance ideas in the embryonic stage, or wanting to make work for themselves, to test their ideas in a supportive and collaborative environment under the expert guidance of a Director.

The chance to spend a week workshopping ideas and developing the early stages of a new show.

£320 Full Price / £290 Evolve Programme Member / £250 Alumni Programme Member



Six Week Course

Fridays – 7-10pm

February – 1, 8, 15, 22, March – 1, 8

20 places

A contemporary of Stanislavski, Nikolai Demidov pioneered a non-analytical, organic acting technique that enable the actor to access and facilitate their intuitive process with a proven success in accessing the higher emotional spheres.


£150 Full Price / £120 Evolve Programme Member / £80 Alumni Programme Member



One day workshop

Saturday, 9am – 5pm (with a one hour lunch break)

16 places per workshop

9 February – General American

23 March – General Southern

The American Accent Workshops are a one day course intended to enhance an actor’s capability, communication, and confidence in various accents. Participants will have the opportunity to not only learn and practice various accents but also gain the tools necessary to breaking down an accent on their own. The sessions are configured so that participants will not only learn the key structures of the accent but have ample opportunity to practice and enhance their skills as well.

Tutor: Aundrea Fudge 

Aundrea is an accent, dialect and speech coach from New York. She has degrees in Linguistics and English literature, a certificate in TESOL and singing training in Opera and Musical Theatre. She’s also recently completed her MFA in Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

Before moving to London, Aundrea worked as an ESL teacher in South Korea. In New York, she split her time between working as a writing tutor at Manhattan Community College and with actors helping them mainly with accents and self-tapes for auditions. She currently spends her time coaching actors in and around London as well as teaching in drama schools such as: The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Drama Studio and Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company.

(each one day workshop) £100 Full Price / £80 Evolve Programme Member / £60 Alumni Programme Member