“When I was in Spain and I read about Fourth Monkey I thought these people must be very good. Now that we’ve worked together I know that they’re even better than I first thought. They have their own standards of excellence. An excellence that will open doors to many castings not least my own.”

Jorge de Juan, Artistic Director The Spanish Theatre Company 
Evolutionary Training. For an Evolving Industry.

Auditioning throughout the year for a September start, our full-time two-year actor training and performance programme prepares the actor for the industry in the most thorough and innovative of ways. This includes a second year spent predominantly working as a professional rep company in London and concluding at the Camden Fringe. 
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Brief Course Overview

Founded in the principles of ensemble and a simple belief in learning through the process of ‘doing’, we train our actors for the modern world of professional performance. 

Training for 40 hours a week, 11 months of the year our Two Year Rep delivers the most diverse and intensive training imaginable for the actor. Fundamentally three years training in two, the intensive course incorporates a residential in Italy in the first year and a similar period of time at the Camden Fringe in year two of the course. The Two Year Rep offers a toolkit of experiences and opportunities unparalleled in contemporary training. 
Responding to the changing landscape of the performance industry and the need for new avenues into the profession, Fourth Monkey have created a training programme that not only trains the actor but also empowers them to develop work of their own.  
Uniquely, we also employ the actors upon completion of their training to deliver our professional work nationally and internationally with our professional touring Ensemble. 


Auditioning throughout the year for a September start, the Year of the Monkey is a flexible full-time yearlong actor training and performance programme that concludes at the Camden Fringe in August. View/download our online prospectus for more information on the Year of the Monkey, continue to browse our website for pictures, or visit our auditions page.
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Brief Course Overview

An experiential full-time actor training course, with structured training of between 22-40 hours per week. Flexibly designed across four terms and a full twelve months, the Fourth Monkey Year of the Monkey one year programme is structured in such a way that it enables the company member to work and train at the same time, as such the course appeals to a wide variety of individuals. These individuals create a rich tapestry of actors in training, enriching the learning of all through their diversity and varied life experiences.
Founded in the principles of play with an emphasis on delivering work in repertory.
The Fourth Monkey Year of the Monkey is a yearlong actor-training programme unlike any other. The course is neither foundation nor post-graduate by design, however it often serves as such for a variety of individuals who are drawn to the philosophy of learning through doing. The course offers a full twelve months of training, encompassing public performance opportunities in London and culminating in a season of repertory at the Camden Fringe.