Fourth Monkey offer two actor training courses, The Two Year Rep Actor Training Programme and the Year of the Monkey (One Year Course).

Both actor training courses work and adhere to the same principles of play and learning through doing, with a strong emphasis on the physical training methods of practitioners such as Jacques Lecoq and John Wright and founded upon an ensemble ethos.

We strongly believe in the power of the group dynamic and ensemble ‘playing’; thus developing collaborative, open performers and creatives who are not driven by the pursuit of stardom or indeed the individual spotlight.

“This is my third year training with Fourth Monkey, I did the One year and currently in my second year of the 2 year rep course, I have learnt so much and the ethos of the company is just a brilliant atmosphere to be in, this is a hard working company and something very special.” 

 Katie Turner  former Year of the Monkey & Two Year Rep company member and current Fourth Monkey Ensemble member

“From the perspective of a young, ambitious actor, I cannot recommend the training and performance methods of Fourth Monkey enough. The collaborative and playful work ethic in the rehearsal room and the audition technique employed by Steven Green is the perfect combination for any actor looking to go on to Drama School and the industry as a whole.”

Ben Woodhall, Fourth Monkey Alumnus and actor 


We are also the forerunners in bringing repertory theatre back to London in both a training and performative capacity. Repertory is a key element in our ethos and training. As outlined by luminaries such as Sir Derek Jacobi and Sir Ian McKellen as the birthplace of their learning and development as actors, we also believe that rep is the most developmental arena for an actor and his or her creative growth.

The success of our programme is complimented by the fact that it has been much copied since its conception, but never bettered.

Actors on our training programme are exactly that, actors in training. We work and treat our company as a company of actors, not students, and we never refer to them as such, instilling a professional discipline and expectation from day one.

Our courses are aimed at those wishing to enter the contemporary world of the performing arts, equipping them with the skills and the wherewithall to work and thrive in an ever-changing professional landscape. Our graduates go on to work in film, tv and on the stage as well as developing work for themselves and in a number  of instances, forming their own successful companies.


You can read/download more on the two courses via our online prospectus and apply for an audition