Wednesday evening six week short course
11th October-15th November

Ewa Kolodziejska is one of the most popular international acting coaches based in London, and “best kept secret” in the industry.Ewa K

She coaches mainly professional actors, however has vast experience teaching acting to people of all levels of education, including primary, secondary, undergraduate, university, postgraduate and MA. She also enjoys working on set.

What makes her stand out is her ethos and raison d’etre. Having a father who was a life coach, meant that she grew up with not only a very positive outlook on life, and a unique awareness of the human psyche and 21st century life coaching, but more importantly it has had a direct impact on her as a working practitioner. Ewa is passionate about life, but above all she is passionate about people, which is the main reason why she is drawn to the theatre. Her driving force is in showing actors that self-belief is the key to success.

In this six week short course you will experience Ewa’s Own Your Sh*t! technique first hand, and see your work with and without text. The course will merge Ewa’s training and experience in both life coaching and actor training, focusing on relaxation and imagination, enabling actors to own their own craft and improve their work practically on a regular and safe basis. In class, Ewa will focus on self and ‘character’, listening and responding in the moment (2nd Circle) and homework (1st Circle) in equal measure. This course is open to all actors of any experience and ability, especially as Ewa believes in ensemble work and in building up each individual in equal measure.

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Own your Sh*t 11th October-15th November Wednesdays 19:00-21:00 Book Now