Booking is now open for our January/February 2017 short courses! This block of short courses focuses heavily on physicality, something which is a core element of our training and philosophy. Grotowski will be lead by Magda Tuka and Suzuki Method with Lukas Angelini both of whom are regular Fourth Monkey practitioners. Please see below for more details on each course and for booking online. If you require any further information about our short courses please don’t hesitate to contact us on via our contact form or by calling the office on 02072810360

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This six week short coursewill run on Wednesday evenings between the 11th January-15th February 2017 from 18:00-20:00 each evening.

Lead by Lukas Angelini, these training sessions explore Asian performance techniques especially the Suzuki Method. The training sessions seek to explore the participant’s emotional and physical power and commitment to each moment on stage. Movements are initiated from the centre of the body in which the performers increase their relationship with the ground as well as with the ensemble.

The sessions address and develop a variety of skills that are useful for actors of all performance genres, such as physical strength, control and co-ordination, concentration, energy, breathing, voice and spatial awareness.
The sessions are varied and physically demanding. The training sessions will give you insight into a practice that focuses on the process rather than on a fixed end-product. These sessions are suited for both beginners and experienced performers. It helps to come with a ‘beginner’s mind’ as in such a mind are many possibilities.


This six week short course will run on Thursday evenings between the 12th January-16th February 2017 from 19:00-22:00 each evening.

This intensive and highly physical short course inspired by the teachings of legendary theatre practitioner, Jerzy Grotowski aims to promote the relationship between actor, space and spectator.

Lead by Magda Stawman-Tuka, the 6 week short course will focus on spacial awareness and how the actor and the space work together. Via Negativa will dictate the approaches throughout the course to enable the actor to eradicate obstacles and lead to a state of impulse and essence.

The course aims to help the actor discover a deeper physical understanding of mind, body and space in performance contexts, stripping back to achieve a greater performance experience which they will be able to take directly into any performance setting.


Course Date Day Time Book Now
Suzuki Method 11th January-15th February Wednesdays 18:00-20:00 Book Here
Grotowski 12th January-16th February Thursdays 19:00-22:00 Book Here