Fourth Monkey believes that actor training should be for everyone. As such we make every effort to ensure our fees are kept as low as possible, and as outlined in these pages all aspects of the training described above are included within the listed cost.

We also adopt an accelerated learning approach to our programmes with our four term academic years. We do this with a view of both reducing the financial implication of training for up to three years, and to ensure we deliver a full programme of training; a training year, in our opinion should be a full years training and experience.

As a charity organisation, all of our student fees go toward the training we provide, keeping it ethical in it’s delivery and delivering the highest calibre of training we possibly can.

Fourth Monkey has actively decided against applying for accreditation for its programmes. This is a decision to protect our training and our right to change and evolve our programmes without hindrance from an umbrella organisation or associated institution. Consequently, our actors in training our therefore not eligible for student finance.

Students accepted onto the course can apply for a Professional and Career Development Loan. Fourth Monkey is a registered Learning Provider, registration number [REG01-21340].A Professional and Career Development Loan is a commercial bank loan that you can use to help pay for work-related learning. For further information on financial assistance to support your learning, please visit the GOV.UK website or contact the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900. Please note staged PCDL payments will commence on the first day of training, any payments contractually required prior to this date will need to be settled through other means.

Some suggested and previously successful routes to aid financing the training would be as follows:

  • Crowdfunding platforms
  • Sponsorship from business, associates, family, friends
  • School/college alumni funds
  • Local/charitable organisations with a specific interest in the arts
  • Short term loan options 

In addition many of our students work flexible jobs around their training and we support them with these needs by providing a list of associated employers and suggested avenues upon acceptance. Our students are registered as students with TFL for reduction in travel costs as well as being eligible for NUS cards, which provide various discounts and benefits. Students should also be eligible for reductions on council tax payments when living in shared-student housing.

Once registered to enrol and to join the Fourth Monkey family, our friendly staff are on hand to support our actors in training with their student registration, housing, employment and any other matters that may require assistance to aid the process of making the move and settling in to life as an actor in training in London.

The responsibility of funding the training is ultimately that of the individual of course and we strongly advise those applying to have considered their means of funding the training prior to attending an audition.

Course Fees

Year of the Monkey

£6200, plus an initial £700 acceptance fee (non-refundable) upon returning paperwork to secure place, then all inclusive paid as follows:

£2200 by 1st July prior to commencement of term in September

£2000 by 1st November

£2000 by 1st January

Two-Year Rep

An initial £700 acceptance fee (non-refundable) upon returning paperwork to secure place, then all inclusive paid as follows:

£9500 year one (plus the initial £700 acceptance fee)

£10500 year two*

£3000 by 1st July prior to commencement of term in September Year 1

£4000 by 1st July prior to commencement of term in September Year 2

£3500 by 1st December Year 1 & 2

£3000 by 1st March Year 1 & 2

*Fees include ALL travel and accommodation costs for the Commedia dell’Arte residential in Italy as well as the production of an individual final showreel for the students professional use.