A Fourth Monkey Production of Julius Cesar

The Fourth Monkey Audition Process

The audition process at Fourth Monkey focuses on the individual. We aim to create the best possible environment for you to shine, so that we can see your true potential.

We invite every person who submits an application to a single audition date, for the convenience of the applicant. The day is made up of two parts; the first requires you to deliver two audition speeches of your own choosing (one classical and one contemporary) to our panel, alongside an informal interview with members of the team.

The second part follows in the afternoon, when we run a series of extensive ensemble based workshop sessions. Here, the panel will work with you in a variety of guises and disciplines to see how you work with other people. After this point we make decisions based on the observations we have made and subsequently offer places on our training courses.

At Fourth Monkey, our actor training very much focuses on the individual, whilst also building an ensemble that reflects our company ethos, fostering a sense of collaborative growth and development. With this in mind, we don’t treat auditions like a conveyer belt, we want to get to know the individual in an informal and relaxed environment which allows you to be the best you can be. You are the foundation upon which we wish to build…we don’t want to break you!

If you would like to audition with us and you are currently based outside of the UK then please visit our international applications page!

Our non-refundable audition fee is £25, payable through Paypal via our Audition Form below.  

Year of the Monkey (One Year)Two Year RepBoth

Saturday 12th JanuarySaturday 26th JanuarySaturday 16th FebruarySaturday 23rd FebruarySaturday 9th MarchSaturday 30th MarchSaturday 13th AprilSaturday 27th AprilSaturday 11th MaySaturday 18th MaySaturday 8th JuneSaturday 22nd JuneSaturday 6th July

Self FundedLoan or other sourced financeSponsorshipOther (Please state below)