The Experimental Fringe 2017

14th-16th December

The Emrys Johns Studio, 97-101 Seven Sisters Road, London, N7 7QP

This season comprises of ten new scratch pieces of work created solely by our Two Year Rep company. We are looking to develop one or more of them beyond this point and we need you! Our Experimental Fringe audience is invited to feedback and comment on what they see, becoming part of the process of selection. We hope to unearth the next big thing and we hope you can help us find it!

Please note: The schedule is broken down into two separate and alternating evenings, the Guerezas company and the Squirrels company. Each group has a different programme of work.

Guereza Company


Did you know our brain can induce us into a natural psychedelic trip during our sleep? Nightline explores how these experiences can help us overcome traumas from the conscious life. Inspired by the surreal works of Jodorowski and Lynch, Nightline takes us through the journey of Luis’s nightmare after he collapses on a night out.

Behind the Yellow Line

In a world fuelled by fear and hate, can one simple mind change the minds of many. Inspired by true events from a daily 2 hour commute, Behind the Yellow Line is a physical exploration of the true beauty of humans in their underground habitat.


Penny has problems: her husband has been missing for six months and his ghost keeps hanging around, her son is falling in with the wrong crowd, and she keeps running into monsters… Missing-Search/ing is an ensemble theatre piece which takes elements of the Odyssey to create a modern story of missing people, loss, and absence.


Safe. Consent. Fun. These are the three rules Aaron lives his life by. ‘Fun’ follows Aaron a homosexual escort through his crazy sexual adventures in London. Moving from client to client. But what happens when love is thrown in the mix of sex and money?  

Get ready to be a fly on the wall, as you’re invoked into a voyeuristic world created by an all male ensemble.

Left Behind

The stories of life after the loss of a loved one to suicide are often forgotten. ‘Left Behind’ is the story after Adam’s death. With Adam watching it unfold, he sees the effects his suicide has had on those closest to him, their desperate search for answers and perhaps a chance to say goodbye.

Squirrels Company

Pride of Man

Boys don’t cry. Following the story of one man through his life, Pride of Man aims to squash our stereotypes that define what it is to be a man today.


One night in a secret London location. A party not to be missed. Thousands of people all under one roof, defying the boundaries of social limitations. What could possibly go wrong?


The year is 2117 and the days of dating sites and swiping right are over. The government has stepped in to end your dating woes with OneMatch – the compulsory relationship compatibility system. Through a series of short scenes and movement, this piece will explore the lives of people affected by this regime.

My Friend Jerry

My friend Jerry is the story of two unlikely friends, a young man called Luke and an elderly gentleman Jerry. This piece explores the need for companionship in our ageing society, creating a beautiful relationship through puppetry.

Ana and Mia

A teenage girl who shoplifts, her 12-hour-shifts mother and her older sister, who left years ago to live a bohemian, European film-like lifestyle in London, until a run-in with the law brings them all back together.

Ana and Mia is a story about family relationships, responsibilities, food and control.


Performance Date Time Booking
Guereza Company Thursday 14th December 19:30 Book Here
Squirrels Company Friday 15th December 19:30 Book Here
Squirrels Company Saturday 16th December 15:30 Book Here
Guereza Company Saturday 16th December 19:30 Sold Out


Fire & Water Season 2017

The hour’s now come;
The very minute bids thee ope thine ear;
Obey and be attentive.

William Shakespeare – The Tempest A I Sc II


The Tempest directed by Simone Coxall and Romeo & Juliet directed by Ami Sayers, delivered in repertory by Fourth Monkey’s final year students on the Two Year Rep Actor Training Programme.

This season brings together two of Shakespeare’s most celebrated plays, conceptualised and delivered for a contemporary audience and the modern world. In an age of climate change and societal unrest on the grounds of cultural and religious differences, our season places itself firmly at the centre of the 21st Century.  

It is here we lay our scene.


Suitable for audiences 12+


Adult £15, Concession £12 & Group Booking £8


Show Date Time Book tickets
The Tempest Saturday 17th March 19:30 Book Here
Romeo & Juliet Monday 19th March 19:30 Book Here
The Tempest Tuesday 20th March 19:30 Book Here
Romeo & Juliet Wednesday 21st March 14:30 Book Here
Romeo & Juliet Wednesday 21st March 19:30 Book Here
The Tempest Thursday 22nd March 14:30 Book Here
The Tempest Thursday 22nd March 19:30 Book Here
Romeo & Juliet Friday 23rd March 19:30 Book Here
The Tempest Saturday 24th March 14:30 Book Here
Romeo & Juliet Saturday 24th March 19:30 Book Here